We care about the community we live in!

Southcott Pines is well known for being a beautiful and natural forested community. With its private beach, trails in the woods, and the Old Ausable Channel, there is so much for you to fall in love with. It is made up of many individuals who enjoy living in harmony with Nature. Our Board of Directors and numerous Standing Committees are comprised of volunteers who dedicate their talents and expertise for the sake of their Association

Did you know?

Southcott Pines and surrounding areas are one of the most vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. The Oak Savanna is a globally rare ecosystem that is a transition between prairie grasslands and oak forests. More than 99 per cent of the Oak Savanna in the world has been altered or destroyed. Through management, Pinery Provincial Park has restored its Oak Savanna and protects nearly 50 per cent of the remaining fragments of this type of ecosystem. We work very closely with the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, Ministry of Natural Resources and Dept. of Fisheries to follow their direction for maintaining this rare ecological zone we share with our forest friends. This rare ecosystem holds property value in our area at a peak. Destruction of this ecosystem will not only hurt an ecosystem that needs to be protected, but future property values.


Links to help you, help keep Environmental Stewardship alive in Southcott Pines: