Sun Beach


Sun Beach is located on Shoreline Drive, between Brewster St N and South*

Please review these guidelines and consider them when planning your day at the beach:

  • Access or Parking at Sun Beach requires a Southcott Pines Park Association (SPPA) Beach Pass whether you are walking, biking or arriving by car. Security is present 7 days a week in the summer to check for valid passes. Vehicles will be ticketed or towed if they are parked without a pass, or along the road/shoulder.
  • Only one vehicle per home is permitted to park in the parking lot at a time to allow for ample parking for those with young children or mobility issues.
  • Check the Beach Water Quality Link for current updates
  • Use of Beach, playground, trails, etc. are at your own risk.
  • Portable Washrooms (available from June until Labour Day) are equipped with hand sanitizer. Users need to practice good hygiene practices.
  • Stay clear of eroded embankments and gabions. They are not safe. High water levels hide many hazards. Use caution.
  • Leaving chairs at beach, while not at the Beach is not permitted.
  • No dogs are permitted on Sun Beach and must be leashed on the trails, roads and parks in Southcott Pines.
  • BBQ’s & Fires are not permitted on Sun Beach, Brewster Park, Parking Lots or trails.
  • No glass containers on the beach.
  • No sports equipment or games on the beach.
  • Power/sailboats/jet-ski’s, kayaks/canoes/paddleboats are not permitted inside the swim buoys at any time.
  • Fill in your holes in the sand before leaving the beach.
  • Structures on the beach such as tents, shelters, etc. are not permitted. Small shades for infants or beach umbrellas are permitted.
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol, vaping and smoking is not permitted and charges may be laid by the O.P.P.
  • Shoreline Drive is posted for NO PARKING. Maplewood Avenue from Shoreline  Drive to 50m S/E of Shoreline Drive is also posted for NO PARKING. 
  • By-Law 519-243-1400 ext. 8115  ~  Non-emergency OPP  1-888-310-1122

*Please note:  The lanes, and Sun Beach are for the use of all members of the Southcott Pines Park Association. Certain areas of the shoreline are not part of the Southcott Pines deeds, and could be deeded to the homeowner to the water’s edge. Be sure you are not trespassing when you are looking for a sandy spot to place your chair. Thank you

LINK for Grand Bend Main Beach Cam

Guidelines-Owners, Guests and Renters 2022 – Printable Copy