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Welcome to the SPPA Facebook Group, our digital neighbourhood chat.
The SPPA Facebook Group will support and build our Southcott Pines community, and aligns directly with two Association objectives:
  1. Promote among its members cultural, ecological, educational, recreational, social, and other like activities
  2. Provide for its members the opportunity for quiet enjoyment, security and general services and amenities throughout Southcott Pines to the extend practically and financially possible
The SPPA Facebook Group will provide the opportunity for timely two-way communication among members, including the Board and Committees. We invite members to post news, questions and suggestions related to Southcott Pines, Grand Bend, and the surrounding area. (As always, please direct any member concerns to the SPPA Office Manager). The SPPA Board and Committees will post time-sensitive requests and updates, but will continue to provide information in the quarterly newsletter, Southcott Next Week, and the SPPA website.
And remember, Positive Vibes Only.