Parking Restrictions



 Excerpt of Lambton Shores By-Law 20/2000 enforced by By-Law Enforcement Officers appointed by the Municipality of Lambton Shores, or when applicable, by the Ontario Provincial Police passed by Lambton Shores Council May 7, 2019

  1. All of Shoreline Drive is designated “No Parking”
  2. Other roads in Southcott Pines and all of Lambton Shores are regulated Parking By-Law 20/2002 (Section 3.4) “where no curb exists, no person shall stop or park any part of a vehicle on a roadway”. Therefore all four tires must be off the roadway.
  3. Vehicles must not be parked within nine meters of an intersection (Section 5.2.3) or three meter radius of any fire hydrant (Section 5.2.1)
  4. During the winter season, for the safety of your vehicles and our snow removal equipment, please refrain for parking on the road or on the side of the road.

Note Page 12 of the bylaw below—Parking.pdf