Parking Restrictions


As per By-Law 15 of 2021, as amended by By-Law 30-2021, enforced by By-Law Enforcement Officers appointed by the Municipality of Lambton Shores, or when applicable, by the Ontario Provincial Police, passed by the Municipality of Lambton Shores Council March 23, 2021.

  • Shoreline Drive in its entirety is designated as “No Parking”
  • Maplewood Avenue, from Shoreline Drive to 50m S/E of Shoreline Rd. is designated as “No Parking”
  • Additionally, the by-law states (Section 3.9.b) “No person shall park a vehicle…d) in such a manner as to obstruct traffic”. Due to our very narrow roadways, islands, and lack of curb and shoulder areas, all four tires of any vehicle parked alongside roadways in Southcott Pines must be off of the roadway.


By-Law Enforcement can be contacted by phone at 519-243-1400 ext. 8115