Open Fires


The Association strongly recommends no open fires and the residents to use consideration and caution towards their neighbours, and the forests. A dangerous situation could escalate quickly and risk lives and homes.

Open Air Fires must be monitored at all times by a competent adult who is capable of exercising the required judgment and capable of performing the necessary actions to control and prevent its unwanted spread. Must be less than 1 metre in diameter, and contained in an appliance that is for outdoor use and designed or engineered to have a fire within a contained area and is totally enclosed by various means of screening and/or other methods. Fires are not permitted when a Fire Ban is in place, signs will be posted at both Southcott Gates.

The fire must not create excess smoke, smell, airborne sparks or embers to be or could become or cause public nuisances by creating negative health effects on neighbouring residents, increasing fire exposure hazards, infringing on the enjoyment of the use of neighbouring properties.

Zoning By-law #3:10:1 (J) All Home Occupations—Feb.-2003.pdf

Municipality of Lambton Shores By-Law # 60-2009

3.2 No person shall start or maintain any Open Air Burn or fire when wind condition is in such direction or intensity so as to cause any or all of the following:

  1. decrease in visibility on any highway or roadway;
  2. threaten a rapid spread of fire through a grass or brush area;
  3. smoke which causes annoyance or irritation to adjacent persons, properties or premises.

4.1 A permit will not be required for:

  1. a fire in a safe cleared area, provided the fire is less than 1 metre in diameter, is during daylight hours, is attended at all times by a Competent Adult , and the burning complies with the general provisions of this by-law.
  2. An outdoor fire container, or a Burning Appliance as long as the installation and location of the Burning Appliance meets the manufacturer’s specifications;
  3. a Pit or contained area used for a “Social Campfire” between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.;

5.2 No person shall set, permit to be set, maintain, or permit to be maintained, any Open Air Burning, either with a permit, or of a size that does not require a permit, unless he or she complies with the following provisions. He/She shall:

  1. only burn during daylight hours;
  2. have legal title to the property at which the Open Air Burn is to occur, or the
  3. person, or Permit Holder, as the case may be, has obtained the prior consent of the person having legal title to the property;
  4. only burn commercially produced charcoal, briquettes, or clean, dry, seasoned wood, or branches and leaves from the property where the burn will take place;
  5. not burn Noxious Materials;
  6. have an effective extinguishing agent of sufficient size and with the capability of extinguishing the Open Air Burning immediately available for use;
  7. attend, control and supervise the Open Air Burning at all times;
  8. completely extinguish the Open Air Burning before the site is vacated;
  9. ensure the Wind Speed does not exceed 15 km per hour during the Open Air Burning;
  10. not burn if it is rainy or foggy;
  11. not burn if a Smog Alert has been declared;
  12. protect adjacent properties from the potential spread of fire;
  13. ensure the Open Air Burning does not create a Nuisance

5.3.1 No person shall permit a fire to be located within 4 metres of any building, structure, overhead wire or any flammable vegetation or material.

5.4 No person shall locate a fire less than 1 metre from Municipal property, including roads and sidewalks

5.7 No person shall set any fire in the Open Air except where permitted and only in the presence of a Competent Adult. The Competent Adult shall not leave the burning operation until such time as the fire has been completely extinguished and there is no threat or re-ignition or spreading of the fire.

5.8 Every person that starts a fire in the Open Air shall ensure that there are adequate tools and/or water on hand to contain or extinguish the fire.


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