Living in a Carolinian Forest

Living in a Carolinian Forest 

Here in Southcott Pines we “Put nature in your life” because we live in a forest! Property owners in Southcott Pines are fortunate to share a unique natural environment located within a Carolinian forest on sand dunes between Lake Huron and the Old Ausable Channel. As a member of our community we ask that you join us in our efforts to preserve this environment.

We ask that you support our land stewardship[2] actions by considering the following:

  • Plant native species of plants to help preserve the Carolinian Forest. Native Plant Guide – Printable Copy  
  • Help protect our river area (habitat for three endangered species of fish, monitored by Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority and Oceans & Fisheries Canada)
  • Fences negate the forest experience. They restrict the movement and endanger the wildlife that we share this forest with, and are not encouraged.  
  • If you are planning to build a new structure on your property, or if you need to remove healthy trees, we encourage you to book a complimentary consultation with a volunteer from the Property Management and Environmental Stewardship Committee for advice regarding restrictions and potential need for permits.
  • Enjoy our shared beach and help keep it clean and safe.
  • “Leave nothing, take only memories” stay on the designated pathways and dispose of litter in the provided refuse containers

Being a member of Southcott Pines Park Association provides all of us with a unique opportunity to put nature in our lives and enjoy all that it has to offer. Changes to our climate are happening which makes our forest more important than ever.  You can help preserve this area for future generations.

  • Please get informed and involved
  • Be mindful of each other and our environment
  • Participate in our community

Friends of the Pinery Park

Lakeshore Eco-Network

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority


[2] “ Land stewardship means caring for our land, air and water and sustaining the natural processes on which life depends. Good land stewards know their actions affect the quality and health of plants, animals, air, land and water. What you do with your land today has an impact on your family, neighbours, and future generations.”