To ensure a shared enjoyment of the beautiful beaches, natural forest, and walking paths of Southcott Pines, and to create a safe environment, it is important to work together as a community.

1. We live in a forest; a spark could be very dangerous for everyone. We strongly encourage no open fires at any time.
2. Our narrow and winding roads are shared by automobiles and pedestrians. To ensure everyone’s safety, please abide the by the 30 km/h speed limit and drive with caution.
3. Respect your neighbours and limit noises during late evening hours and on Sundays.
4. SPPA properties (Sun Beach, parking lots, pathways, parks, and clubhouse) are shared by all. Please keep them clean of garbage and obstructions. Leave nothing, take only memories.

1. Only owners, their guests and renters may use Sun Beach. To access Sun Beach by car, on foot or bike, an SPPA Beach Pass must be presented to Security Staff.
2. Power or sail boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards/boats etc. are not allowed inside the swim buoys at Sun Beach.
3. Fires and BBQs are not permitted on Sun Beach, the parking lot, pathways, or parks.
4. No glass containers on the beach.
5. Fill in your holes dug in the sand before leaving the beach.
6. Place beach garbage in the barrels provided. Do not use these receptacles for household waste.
7. Structures on the beach such as sports nets, tents, gazebos, shelters, etc. are not permitted. Remember that the beach is for everyone. Small shade tents for infants or beach umbrellas are permitted.
8. Possession or consumption of alcohol, vaping and smoking is not permitted, and charges may be laid by the O.P.P. Sun Beach and other Southcott beach access areas are not personal property.

1. When off your property, dogs must be on a leash at all times. There are no areas for open dog runs.
2. Dogs are NOT permitted on Sun Beach for everyone’s safety.
3. Please remember to pick up your pet droppings.

1. Parking at Sun Beach requires a beach pass. To ensure there is enough parking for those with small children or limited mobility, only ONE vehicle per home in the parking lot is permitted.
2. Shoreline Drive is posted for NO PARKING as well as Maplewood Avenue from Shoreline Drive to 50m S/E of Shoreline Rd.
3. Parking on all other streets is permitted per Lambton Shores By-Law, providing all four tires are off the pavement.

Golf carts and any other motorized unlicensed vehicles are not permitted on the roads of Lambton County (including Southcott Pines) or on the pathways, parking lots, or any other properties of Southcott Pines Park Association.

If you see vandalism or have other concerns, please call the Lambton O.P.P. Non-Emergency line at 1-888-310-1122 or Municipality of Lambton Shores By-law at (519) 243-1400 ext. 8115.

Guidelines-Owners, Guests and Renters 2022 – Printable Copy