Leaf and Brush Pick-up 

FALL PICK-UP – October 15, 2021, November 15, 2021 & November 30, 2021

SPRING PICK-UP – April 15, 2022, May 15, 2022 & June 15, 2022

 Leaves and Brush put out after November 30th will not be picked up

Southcott Pines is built on large sand dunes that were deposited centuries ago. Trees have established themselves in the sand and have created a canopy that provides shade and nutrients to the forest floor. Leaves and branches that fall from them provide the food source that trees and wildlife need to survive.

Removing leaves and scrubs from the forest is detrimental to the trees that are depending on them for nutrients and moisture retention. This is an extremely fragile ecosystem as the forest floor is only a few feet deep before it is all sand.

Most Southcott members who live in our forested community only remove leaves from driveways, walkways and septic bed areas thus maintaining a healthy natural forest. The SPPA (Southcott Pines Park Association) supports and promotes good environmental stewardship in our community. We have programs to replant trees and native vegetation as well as maintain our beaches and river areas with responsible environmental practices. We have established an Environmental Stewardship group and have resources available at the SPPA Clubhouse that will help people in understanding what to plant and why.

Please “Leave the Leaves” where they belong for the good of the forest and save yourself a lot of work. This is a different environment from the typical subdivision and be aware that most of your neighbours want it kept as natural as possible. Be proud that you live in such a beautiful, natural environment and help us promote Southcott Pines as an example to others on good environmental practices. Working together we can make a difference and politely educate new members on why we want to promote these environmentally responsible practices here in Southcott. “PUT NATURE IN YOUR LIFE” was the motto of the Southcott family who founded our subdivision and we should carry the tradition forward.

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